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How to Prepare For a Rafting Trip

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

If you have never been rafting before this page can help prepare for your first trip!

“The more expensive it is, the faster it sinks." -Issac Newton

Pack Water and Hydrate Beforehand

Heat exhaustion is a serious risk when rafting, as you are in the sun all day and constantly moving. The best way to avoid heat exhaustion is by preparing for it. Bring a reusable bottle of water, ideally one you can clip to the boat.

Bring Medications if Needed

If you need to take medications regularly or suffer from severe allergies, our guides will be happy to pack your medications away in our on-board dry bags. If you are someone who suffers from low blood sugar, make sure to bring extra snacks as well.


Most people want to bring a camera to share their experiences. Keep in mind everything you bring on a rafting trip will get soaked and could easily get lost in the river. We recommend waterproof cameras or something like a GoPro. Even waterproof cameras don't float, so make sure whatever camera you're bringing along has some kind of lanyard or clip to keep it attached when the ride gets bumpy.

Follow this link to find out the best clothes to wear for for your river trip. If the weather is going to be warm make sure to bring layers that will protect you from the sun. If the day is going to be cold, consider several warm synthetic layers and a waterproof outer shell.

Other Items You Might Want

Sunglasses - They do get lost easily, we recommend you bring your cheapest pair and secure them to your head with a glasses lanyard.

Snacks - Recommended

Extra Sunscreen - Recommended

Personal Dry bag - Allowed, as long as they aren't unreasonably large.

Personal PFD - We will supply you with a commercial PFD, however if you want to wear your own, it must be a coastguard approved whitewater type III or type V. Our permit does not allow waterskiing or marine PFD's

Personal Wetsuits- Allowed

Leave Valuables at Home

We are not responsible for any item that might be broken or lost while rafting, so it is best to leave your valued items secured at home. The only personal items that we will secure for you in our dry bags are car keys and medications.

Ask a Guide

If you have any concerns going into the rafting trip please contact our office. Our guides love talking about rafting and can answer any questions that you may have.

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