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About Us

Our mission is to provide customers with an outstanding whitewater rafting experience under the safest conditions possible. We maintain a small but very experienced staff with excellent reputations as guides. We started this company in order to bring people closer to best whitewater and wilderness Washington state has to offer. As professional guides, these are absolutely the rivers we want to be working on, come take a trip with us and you'll see why. 

Rafting in the North Cascades

While less crowded and a bit more remote than other commercially rafted rivers in Washington, our Sauk and Skagit trips offer uncommon views of waterfalls, old growth forests, and wildlife. Positioned just a couple hours north of the Seattle area and tucked away under the glacier covered volcanoes of the North Cascades, the Cascadia Rafting company is ready to make your adventure unforgettable. 


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